Global Listing & Exchange Services

Glex Amergeris Global Listing and Exchange Services NV. (GLEX) is a licensed company in Curaçao acting as a prime Listing Agent of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX).

Our core business is to coordinate and manage the pre and post-listing process of securities on the DCSX. We play a defining role for both issuers and investors as we ensure that the securities to be listed will fulfill the exchange’s requirements and its obligations to inform the public of market relevant data.

However, besides from the Listing Agent, other professional parties are involved in the issuance and placement of securities. GLEX extensive network enables us to introduce the issuer to a select group of professional advisors who have the required expertise in project/corporate finance to efficiently structure and place offerings.

Additionally, GLEX can manage the issuance process in which the appropriate issuance partners are selected and the possible approaches to raise finance in the international capital market are analyzed. These include:


  • Floating Eligibility and SPOs: company corporate management & finance analysis
  • Selection of Advisors/Partners: business plan, due diligence and initial public offering (IPO)
  • Structuring, Legal Documentation and Securities Law Disclosure
  • Market analysis and Research Coverage
  • Marketing and Placement: registration and listing, road show, pricing
  • Securities Issuance and Allocation
  • Post-Issuance Management: ongoing disclosure obligations and Communications
  • Pre-issuance Analysis: company corporate management & finance analysis, management analysis
  • Selection of Advisors/Partners: business plan and due diligence
  • Market Analysis: local and international bond market, investors, pricing and risk premium
  • Transaction Development and Structure
  • Legal Documentation and Securities Law Disclosure
  • Marketing and Placement: registration and listing, road show, pricing
  • Securities Issuance, Fiscal and Paying Agent
  • Post-Issuance Management: debt service, corporate governance, ongoing disclosure and Communications
  • Fund (re)structuring to enable the listing of the fund’s shares
  • Fund administration, NAV calculation and investor services

Our team is set to provide a comprehensive approach to every client’s investment, brokerage, wealth planning and credit needs. The team draws on years of expertise and experience in the lending, brokerage, private banking and tax sector that together with other internal and external experts, allows us to be able to provide our clients with unsurpassed personal attention and service. This results in a tailored solution that reflects each client’s unique personal, tax and financial situation — a profound solution that when fully integrated with each wealth management strategy optimizes the path to reach your personal goal.

Securities Trading
Securities trading services include receiving clients’ buy or sell orders and their execution at the market. Our service should be used by investors who are willing to act independently in the capital markets and make investment decisions on their own, although leaving the execution part to our experienced traders.
We can trade all free tradable securities through our extensive broker network and through our banks.
Our team of professionals provide real-time insights that help shape execution strategies. We proactively monitor capital markets, searching for pockets of liquidity and news that may require changes to those strategies.
•    Equities
•    Fixed Income
•    Derivatives
•    Foreign Exchange

Custody Services
We take a solution-based approach to custody and offer custody services through a variety of international partner banks and vehicles to be able to manage your international securities positions.

Transactional Services
We assist on the development and execution of protective derivatives; fiduciary functions; escrow agent functions. Asset Holding structures

Deposit and Cash Management Services
Comprehensive, convenient and competitive traditional and specialized banking services

Credit and Lending Services
Flexible, tailored financing designed to meet our client’s needs, as syndicates, club deals or via the arrangement of listed securities on the DCSX.