Amergeris operates (and develops) your tailor-made fund (“Private label fund”) on our state-of-the art fund platform and offers bespoke solutions, tailored specifically to our clients’ requirements.
  • Segregated portfolio company
  • Portfolio assets and liabilities legally separated from the general assets and other segregated portfolios
  • Can be used for all types of funds and capital market transactions
  • Cost effective and efficient segregation of assets and liabilities
  • The Cayman Islands continue to be the pre-eminent offshore jurisdiction for hedge funds
  • Cayman SPC’s are a popular vehicle for use by investment funds, particularly in the context of multi-class funds

Our vehicles and knowledge allow short turnaround times when setting up funds, professional support from well-known service providers and substantial cost savings.

  • Open-ended SIcav Professional Investor Fund
  • Can incorporate sub-funds
  • MFSA Regulated
  • Can be listed at Malta Stock Exchange or any other recognized stock exchange
  • License for Qualified Investors