Private Equity

Structuring your fund in a way that ensures a successful operation

Private equity refers to securities that are issued to a small number of individuals and entities that are not yet traded publicly. This asset class includes venture capital, leveraged buyouts, corporate restructuring, and mezzanine financing. A closer look at how each security is structured and the potential rewards provides insight into why many high-net-worth individuals choose to include them in investment portfolios.

At Amergeris Wealth Management our integrated management approach to private markets investing includes a combination of direct, secondary and primary investments in private equity. Investing in this manner allows the firm to take maximum advantage of market opportunities for the benefits of its clients primarily located in the developing markets. Specifically the firm is able to leverage its large global network to source, analyze and execute a broad array of attractive investments in each asset class and across the globe.

With our expertise in all types of funds, including venture capital funds and buyout funds, and our understanding of the economic drivers of these funds, through our Barbados office, we can help you structure your fund in a way that ensures a successful operation whilst avoiding any pitfalls.

In addition, we can provide a full range of services in connection with a listing, including the planning of private and public placements of IPOs (initial public offerings), provision of the prospectus, road shows and, of course, the ongoing management services. Assistance in brokerage and custodian services are also rendered.