Family office Services

As a trusted partner, Amergeris responds to the needs of a given family or families in our own thoughtful and considered way. When and wherever you need external support our specialists are available to contribute to the success of your family office.

Our expertise for families ranges from asset management through to real estate advice, shareholdings, philanthropic activities, succession and estate planning. We also perform asset consolidation, accounting, controlling and consolidated reporting of assets.

Amergeris also offers its unique strengths in compliance. Our compliance portal offers an integrated solution that provides background checks on individuals and legal entities as well as document management, thereby enabling family offices to be fully compliant with local and international regulations and to effectively manage regulatory risk.

Our service lightens your compliance burden while optimizing your level of risk management by offering a risk-based tiered approach that is configurable for small, medium and large family offices. Family offices can take advantage of our efficient identity verification leveraged to clients and jurisdictional requirements, electronic document management, risk management and compliance department systems.