Our Concept

Offering you wealth management and investment expertise

Investment strategy not only involves asset allocation and the selection of asset managers across all asset classes available. Asset management primarily entails security, diversification and a specific investment position selection. Managers of these asset classes are generally highly specialized around a sector within a specific asset class.

The investment world has evolved into a very complex array of asset classes during the last two decades. We strongly believe that where specialization is critical for the asset manager to excel, selection of these managers is key. Therefore, we see a strong need for an independent investment advisory team which is distinct from asset managers. We do not believe that fund management companies who portray themselves as best of breed across numerous asset classes can deliver on their promise. The advisory team should determine asset allocation and recommend the best asset managers in a given asset class for any given portfolio.

Our concept is determined by first establishing your investment strategy. Working together with you we want you to be able to react effectively when an adjustment to your strategy is required, whilst avoiding pitfalls, such as reacting to irrational market fluctuations.

Amergeris Wealth Management advisors are always available to share their expertise and provide relevant information to their clients: offering a detailed description of the individual investment portfolio, and clearly identifying the asset allocation, risk levels, and exposure to exchange rate fluctuations, as well as providing updates on overall performance.

Our selection of asset managers and fund managers which is the basis of the portfolio is an intense process which is constantly monitored and adjusted according to the current market circumstances. This concept allows us to work with you and adjust your portfolio at any given time.