Our Solutions

Securing your future with our solutions

Amergeris Wealth Management strongly believes in designing solutions, products and services that are client centric and concentrates on optimizing the returns to achieve the client’s investment objective in the specified time horizon. At the core of Amergeris is the client, around whom the investment solutions are crafted. Many organizations pay lip service to the concept of meeting client needs, but at Amergeris we really have structured our entire operation around your needs.

At Amergeris in Switzerland we secure our clients’ future by taking action on many fronts. Some bring immediate benefits, such as minimizing your tax burden. Investments look to generate income and capital to meet future needs. While estate planning and trusts can be used to benefit future generations. All demonstrate our holistic approach we take to meeting your future security requirements.

Amergeris provides asset management services across an array of equity, fixed income, absolute return, and other strategies. Amergeris delivers these services through specialized funds coordinated through our Barbados office and through our strategic alliances with leading investment institutions in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

We recognize that everyone has various financial goals; therefore we adopt a systematic style of asset management that begins by understanding your objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, tax liability and financial responsibilities. Only then, in consultation with you, do we create an investment strategy unique to your objectives, thereby maximizing the potential for capital growth.

With a comprehensive strategy and clearly defined plans we provide professional guidance and management for your entire portfolio. Even after delivering successful results Amergeris will continue to listen and respond to both the changes in your financial situation and in the financial markets, as we believe “change is the only constant”.