Wealth Management

A dialogue to discuss opportunities and reach your goals

Amergeris Wealth management helps private clients manage, protect and enhance their wealth, now and for future generations. In our ever changing world, Amergeris will show you the opportunities.

We analyze the risks and develop opportunities that take your individual situation and specific needs into consideration when managing your assets. With commitment, insights and expertise, we help you establish your individual investment profile, taking into account your global exposure and asset, income and expense profile. We envision a dynamic dialogue so that we reach a holistic solution to suit your specific requirements.

With Amergeris, you have a proactive, globally-oriented manager who will take into account your specific investment needs, thereby enabling you to reach your goals. As professionals with proven expertise, we provide you with up-to-date investment ideas that always take your individual preferences into account.

Our services are intended for individuals who intensively follow the financial markets, but who also value the opinion of their experts. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs who value this fresh approach to investing.